Meet Meena

Around the age of 4, Meena was running around with her crayons, coloring on very peculiar items around her parents’ first home such as blank white walls, carpeting, and one particular priceless silk embroidered room divider. (She vaguely remembers her parents crying, presumably tears of joy upon the discovery of having a little artist!). She also had a tendency to ask many unfiltered questions about everything. Yes, she was a bundle of pure-ish joy.

Over the years, she grew to understand the element of “tact” but her desire to reimagine the standard and question the mundane still remained. She recalls those early experiences as the beginning to her realizing a need to bring uniquely beautiful products to people’s homes and lifestyle.

Nowadays, Meena is still applying color and design to homes… upon permission and excitement. She strives to create products that whimsically accent their surroundings when on display while delighting the individual when in use. She takes pride in the products at ME • KU and knows this has a lot to do with the time and expertise contributed by others. When she isn’t directly working on the shop, Meena can be spotted at the beach, park, movies or a foodie’s haven. She loves shopping for fun and worldly staple pieces on Etsy, drinking coffee, traveling, taking up new hobbies, and sometimes going to the gym.