The New ME • KU Brings New Creative Designs!

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Ice-Cream- 3-Piece Stackable Coffee Cups

Hey Guys!!

Incase you’ve missed me, I’m back! I’ve spent the last four months building e-commerce into my website and now the shop is finally live! Wheeee!

The process was much more intense than I had originally expected it to be- a labor of love that unleashed my creative perfectionist side. I wanted to incorporate a shopping experience with a lifestyle experience, though at first I wasn’t really sure what that would or should look like. Thankfully, I had been working with Jane, my awesome web designer, and she understood the elements I was asking for even when I couldn’t properly articulate them.

What about Etsy? I’m not abandoning Etsy and I will continue to have a presence there unless there ever comes a time when it really doesn’t make sense to. I love the customers who find me in that marketplace and have had some of the most heart-warming experiences hearing the stories behind their purchases and customizing glassware and dinnerware for them. I went ahead with building my own shop however, because I wanted a space that’s truly mine (or truly ME • KU). I wanted to design products that adhere to my personal guidelines and rules without feeling a sense of limitations for what’s acceptable on Etsy. With my own shop, I’m able to create a look and feel that uniquely represents what ME • KU is about!

Kite Flying- Hand Painted Wine Glass

I’m happy with the way the shop looks now and even more excited about the direction that it’s taking. If you are familiar with the original ME • KU, you’ll notice that I’ve added some (okay a lot of) product lines that are not hand painted. Within the last year, I let my entrepreneurial side guide the artist in me and realized that I needed to design products that others could help me produce. Whereas before I was hand painting each individual item, now I have products in my shop that can be produced on a larger scale with consistency by others who are pros in their field. Quality control was the toughest thing to manage when it came to finding people to help me but after searching high and low, my partnership discoveries have me feeling so fortunate. I work with an amazing local print shop for my stationery sets, notebooks, and greeting cards. I found a very reliable ceramics producer in Maryland that’s helped me create my stackable coffee cups, and I go to Spoonflower to print my designs onto fabrics before handing the bundles to my good friend + seamstress, Arun. You know what they say, teamwork makes the dream work :)

I’ve also added downloadable coloring pages to my shop! I hope to make this section a collaborative place for both artists and charitable organizations. I’m calling it #coloringforacause.

Essentials When at Home: Notebook, Coffee Cup, Coloring Page

How It Will Work: Each month I’ll feature an artist/illustrator and an organization of their choice. The artist will create a set of coloring pages which will be available to download in the shop. Part of the proceeds will go to the charitable organization and part will go to the artist. In the blog, we’ll get to know more about both! I think this will be a fun way to discover and support new artists and social causes. Plus, you get to color, which is awesome and has anyone truly outgrown coloring??

I hope when you look around the shop, you notice the creative spin I’ve placed on the way each item functions or is designed. There’s a whimsical world in my head and it’s a lot of fun accenting everyday items with it :)

Also, shoutout to my sister and talented graphic designer, Rani, for creating some nifty category icons for the shop! 

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