Writing Down Feelings & Things

Making lists, jotting down ideas, and sketching are my most genuine forms of journaling. My mind often gets cluttered with the numerous images and tangent thoughts I have swirling around in there so it’s best for me to just scribble them out as quickly as possible and let them exist outside of my head in …

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Happy National Donut Day!


You can bet I’m celebrating…  There was a hole in my donut! So I filled it with a few raspberries… Do I get extra points for skipping my run this morning… and instead eating a donut?  Just me, my coffee, donut, and Rouge Coco Chanel lipstick stain in #60 Triomphe Just realized that I missed …

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Birthday Weekend! …Some New Designs Too.


This past weekend, I celebrated my 29th birthday! (yay & yikes) Perhaps more importantly though, it was a celebration of me nearing the two-year mark of living in Southern California and the amazing friendships I’ve made since moving here from the Midwest. The day started off with brunch (surprise, surprise) at The Churchill and continued …

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